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Are you an expert problem solver?

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Kirschbaum Development Group is a software engineering firm focused on solving interesting and complex business problems. We're unique because we are a developer led and developer driven company. Our customers range from small startups to some of the largest companies in the world.

Laravel We are official Laravel partners!

Open Source We make on-the-clock contributions to Open Source!

What is important to us...

We are a small team of highly skilled people. Aside from will, dedication, and ambition, our biggest asset is our ability to learn and grow. People don’t pay us because we have all the answers. They pay us because we solve problems quickly and effectively. We embrace modern technology as well as tried and true development practices and principles from the past. We bring cautiousness and stability to our work. We are honest, hardworking, and passionate. We value people and relationships over processes and tools. We view ourselves as master crafters who respect and honor the importance and significance of what we do.

We believe that happy people make better decisions, write better code, and make great products. Team members will stay with us longer when they feel valued, feel like what they do matters, and feel like they have a say in the process.

We value personal and professional growth and prefer to work with people who have shown they will be invested in and committed to their own growth as individuals and professionals.

If these things are important to you, we encourage you to read on and consider applying. We would love to talk!

Job Description

We are seeking a Lead Developer / Team Lead to work on a variety of projects ranging from SaaS products and e-commerce sites, to building out APIs and architecting backend tools. Candidate works remotely.

In addition to the details outlined below, a successful candidate will have expert level understanding and experience with Object Oriented Programming, will be self motivated, have a love for learning and new technology, and be able to lead and mentor others.

The ideal candidate will be a full-stack web application developer (talented on both frontend and backend) who has a knack for problem solving and critical thinking. We are looking for someone with experience architecting solutions and breaking business requirements down into achievable technical tasks.

Great benefits including:



Please do not call the office or send hard copy resumes. We carefully consider every application, but we can only accept applications made through this site.